The skull of the Chinese Water Deer is one of the most iconic skulls out there. 

Like many small Asian deer species, it does not have antlers. Instead the males fight each other with their extremely sharp tusks, slashing at rivals with downward head swings. 

When not actively shanking others, the tusks can be folded back slightly., so they don’t interfere with eating. 


design for my business card.


Brown bears hunt salmon in Russia’s Far East by photographer Michel Roggo - The Telegraph


These dogs look like they’re going to tear each other to shreds when they play, but actually, they’re quite polite together and it’s awesome to see.

Jude always liked Cabal right off the bat, but Cabal took a while to warm up to his adopted brother. They’re prettymuch inseparable now. 

I really hate when there’s commission posts like, someone is calling for artist help and wants to pay money and then you get some asshole that slides in and goes HEY I’LL DO IT FOR FREE or I’LL DO IT FOR 2 BUCKS like shit man, way to under value everyone and get rid of an opportunity. People like that are contributing to the problem.


fanart dump of undertale! really excited for this game. go check out the demo!

I found out that my favorite manga artist was working on a new series and I got all sorts of excited until I realized I can’t find shit about it anywhere. All I can find are pictures of the cover of this mini-artbook that included it and the magazine that chapters of it were being published in. All I know at this point is that it’s on hiatus because the author is really sick apparently, from what I don’t know. It drives me crazy, I hate when shit is so obscure it’s impossible to find. I hope he gets better and it able to continue it, it looks really cool.


天狗 by douzen 


A Mike Mignola Sketchbook

Between 1993 and 1999 Mike Mignola drew all these princes and demons of Hell. Will we see them in the pages of Hellboy in Hell? We can only pray.





Occasionally I get asked on DA why these guys don’t have noses. This is why.

I need to figure out how to draw molars ;-;

well that’s terrifying


I had a bad anxiety bout so I drew that motherfucker into submission. Sometimes I still gotta remind my head who’s boss.


Johnny with his stand, Gorillaz.